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Author Topic: Manasi Joshi: The accident that created the world championship
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Post Manasi Joshi: The accident that created the world championship
on: February 4, 2020, 09:07

Manasi Joshi has just started a career [color=#fff]บาคาร่าขั้นต่ำ10บาทv as a software engineer when things should be routine on a trip to work in a tragic accident. But this moment of horror transformed her life in a surprisingly positive way.
It was December 2011, and for Manasi Joshi, 22, on a normal Friday morning, she just finished her studies and just started her first job as a software engineer in the busy Indian suburb of Mumbai.
The house where she lived with her [color=#fff]แจกเครดิตฟรv parents was almost 7 kilometers (4 miles) away from her office, so the Nazi had to go to work on a motorbike, but on Friday it was almost 10 minutes on her journey. The disaster occurred as she made a U-turn under the overpass. The truck that ran in the [color=#fff]dewabetแทงบอลออนไลน์ wrong direction ran across her legs.
I was still aware after the incident. I was able to get up and take off my helmet. I knew immediately that my injury was very severe, "she said. People rush to this point. But nobody knows what to do.

"Indians benefit from nature. But they [color=#fff]สมัครสมาชิกfun88 don't have the skills, especially in an emergency situation, "Mana said with a wry smile. After futile waiting for the ambulance, the police lifted her up to the" rickety "stretcher and took her to a nearby hospital.
However, she was ready to deal with the injuries on her one hand and on her left leg. No surgeon and no ambulance, take her to a large hospital I am very disappointed. I waste a lot of blood and I waste time, "she said.
When the ambulance arrived two hours later, the hospital ambulance turned out to be a damaged van that was a long way from the promised "cutting-edge" vehicles. Traveling her 10-12km distance to the hospital, which she will eventually be treated to torture every hole, every hole only increases her pain.
Just at 5:30 pm that evening, Manasi received appropriate medical treatment - about nine hours after the accident, the doctor gave priority to the treatment of her legs. She stayed in the hospital for 45 days and underwent surgery every five to 10 days, but eventually decay came in and the medical team had to give up. There is no choice but to amputate her leg

As she grew up, education was a top priority in the household. Joshi, Manasi's father, was a government scientist at Mumbai's prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Center and decided that his children should do well in academics. That is how she ended up pursuing computer science and becoming a software engineer.
But Nazism is one of the children that is involved in all kinds of extracurricular activities.I play a lot of sports such as football, basketball and volleyball, and it's not just sports.I also experience music, singing, art. .. Did you know that parents want their children to experience a lot of activities, "she said.
Badminton is my favorite though. The Nazi father was her first coach - when she was only six years old, he taught her how to keep the racket and hit the shuttle, so after the injury she returned to the sport as part of rehabilitation. Her
After, but how did she travel from stagnation to becoming an athlete when she explained the day after the accident, Manasi didn't look back with true bitterness. She described how her college friends and colleagues flocked to her bed, causing her hospital room to become "
The coolest meeting point. "How did intensive care nurse become her friend and anesthetist? Was touched by her condition in the operating theater

"My name, there is not even one point where I feel that something bad has happened to me. I would say that the worst thing I felt was when I got home and looked at myself in the mirror and said 'Yes. Then looks good! 'But after a few days I felt that 'Never mind, it's just a scar ... It's just a leg.' '
Badminton began as part of the rehabilitation process to help her walk again with prosthetics. But she began to show special skills One day, she caught the eye of the badminton player's defender, who saw her beat the mighty rivals in the organization's tournaments. He encouraged her to try with the Indian team, which eventually led to a call.
In order to participate in the competition in Spain, this was some of Manasi's more severe injuries on the court, playing what she called badminton. "Impeccable and they are very kind and really kind. They came to me and thanked me for choosing the sport! That's part of the reason I decided to play full time, "she said.
It was a chance encounter with the legendary Indian coach Pullela Gopichand who truly changed her career. Former international champion Gopichand is the man behind India's latest world championship title - he coached world champions such as PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal.

Many crowds took to the streets of Baghdad's capital, Baghdad, to demand US troops to leave Iraq. Iraqi authority Shia Amok Tada Al Saad called for more than a million people to join. Friday march near the US Embassy in the capital
Iranian militia backers are one of the protesters in the city. The killing of US General Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian military [color=#fff]เว็บพนันบอล ถูกกฎหมาย[/color] commander on January 3 at Baghdad Airport, causes tension.
What is [color=#fff]เปิดยูส100[/color] the future of the US military in Iraq?: A firefighter monk who can calm Iraq attacks. Soleimani: What does international law say?
Assassinated in a drone attack by the United States, the Iraqi Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, commanded by the Kataib Hezbollah, backed Iran, who backed Ira Iira in response to Gen Soleimani's assassination.

By carrying a missile attack on two air bases, which are home to US forces in Iraq, the United States later said there were no US casualties in the January 8 attacks.
But a few hours after the attack, Iranian forces fired two missiles at a Ukrainian passenger plane over Iran's Tehran inadvertently killing all 176 people on the plane.
What is the latest from Baghdad? Demonstrators began to gather in the center of Baghdad early Friday and several hours later the area was full of people.
Many also carry the national flag of Iraq.The protests threaten to cause a separate eclipse of the protest movement, which involves the majority of young people for months calling for a complete overhaul of the Iraqi government. Mr Martin Patience of the BBC in Iraq said.

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Post Re: Manasi Joshi: The accident that created the world championship
on: July 27, 2020, 10:57

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