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Let me start by introducing myself. Dave Torgersen (known far and wide as Dave the Mechanic). I have been servicing vehicles in Egypt for over 15 years and, in addition, I have been driving here for over 20 years. So I have some background in your car’s problems and loads of experience on the roads of Egypt.

Beginning with some basic maintenance and information for your car’s care, “Mechanic 101”. I am sure most of you walk out, get in your car, BUCKLE UP, start the car and then drive off to your destination. Stop right there. Before getting into the car – take a walk around the car – check out tyres (inflated properly?) Roads here are hard on your tyres and there is much debris on the road that can cause a flat tyre. Make sure there are no obstacles in the front and rear of your car and most important – your front AND rear windows are clean.

cat-car_1487299iNow here is one more hint before starting your car – and I am sure most of you wouldn’t consider this – but “bang” on the bonnet/ hood of your car. It’s starting to get cold at night now – and when you come home – your engine is still nice and warm. A wonderful sleeping place for the many cats (and mice) in the neighborhood. Starting a car with a cat under the bonnet can be a mess and can damage your engine.

Some “at home” maintenance hints that you should be able to do yourself and protect your car’s performance. First – get out your owner’s manual which should give you locations of all important items under the hood. Open the bonnet/hood of the car (latch release is usually up under the driver’s left leg in most cars – and the safety release is usually under the center of the bonnet/hood).

  • Check the oil level by removing the dipstick – cleaning it and them reinserting and removing again. There are notations on this which indicates the proper level.
  • Check the radiator water level. Important notes here. You should never open the radiator cap if the engine is warm or hot – only cold and, secondly – check the water level in the radiator not in the plastic overflow tank.
  • If you need oil – have your local service station install (but watch him closely) If your radiator is low – add anti-freeze (not tap water).
  • Check the level of your power steering fluid (replacing a power steering pump due to insufficient fluid is expensive).


  • Check your brake fluid level. Again if it needs fluid – you can have your service station install but again watch closely.

On all of the above items – if any fluids are necessary you may have a leak in one of the systems and this should be checked out as soon as possible. If any of these requires a large quantity of fluid – it is better that the car be checked out before using the car for any length of time.

Coming up:  ‘Common car problems, how to “feel” if you have a problem,’ and my favorite topic – ‘Driving in Egypt!!’

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Dave the Mechanic

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