School principle dismissed over performance where students acted out North Sinai terrorist attack: Ministry

Egypt’s education ministry has dismissed the principal of a school in Daqahliya governorate for allowing a theatre performance to be held at the school where students acted out last week’s deadly attack on a mosque in North Sinai, with the ministry describing the performance as violent and political.

The ministry will investigate all school officials responsible for the performance, which was put on during the morning queue earlier this week, ministry spokesman Ahmed Khairy said late on Tuesday.

The education minister issued directives not to involve students in any politically related activities or address such matters.

“It is totally unacceptable to perform such acts that contain scenes of violence” at schools, the spokesman added.

Earlier this week, up to 30 gunmen attacked worshippers during Friday prayers at Al-Rawdah Mosque in the town of Bir Al-Abd in North Sinai, killing 305 people – including 27 children – and injuring 128.

The terrorist attack was the largest in Egypt’s modern history.

Egypt’s education ministry periodically issues books to schools discussing Egypt’s counter-terrorism efforts, with a focus on the renunciation of violence and extremism and the promotion of tolerance and equality between citizens.

The spokesman said the performance, however, was not approved by the ministry.

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