Cross Cultural & Orientation Training

cross-cultural-trainingThe aim of Expat Cairo’s Cultural and Orientation Training is to ensure that you, your family or your employees have a smooth transition into Cairo, and can fully integrate into daily living and work situations.

Repatriation training can also be offered to you or your employees who are returning home after being on assignment so they are prepared for any ‘reverse culture shock’ and can settle in more quickly.

Training can be offered on a one-to-one basis, presented to a group.  the programmes can be done in your office or in our facilities.

Our personal programmes are tailored to the  personal and professional needs of the individuals, (programmes can include children in some circumstances).

Expat Cairo can also offer programmes to non-relocating employees or teams who have regular contact with different cultures in their role, e.g. sales, project teams, senior management and business travellers.

Expatriates and their families are more likely to settle into Egypt if they understand what cultural differences they are likely to encounter.

Expat Cairo’s exclusive Cultural training programmes help you live and work more effectively.  An appreciation of Egyptian culture saves you time and confusion.  Our training programmes are produced to improve your confidence and comfort in Cairo and give you the hints, tips and tricks learned by our team of expats gained from years of experience.

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