Cairo’s unspoken rules of the roads

This section is more “humor” in sharing various “unspoken rules” out there on the road.

Newer model Mercedes have the right of way – not matter where or when. Newer model BMWs follow close. Large newer 4×4’s (Land Cruisers, Land Rovers) also have the right of way.

Any car driven by an expat falls way down on the totem pole as far as right of way.

All of above though are trumped by mini buses and those obnoxious tuk tuks

Obviously look out for those cars that have multiple dents, scrapes, multi colored paint jobs – they don’t care if they get one more dent in their car.

Here’s a good one for you – Legally cars entering a roundabout / circle have the right of way.

Cars coming at you flashing their lights can mean just about anything. They are going to turn across your path, they are telling you that they want you to give way in a tight road, that your headlights are on and blinding them, or that they are just letting you know they are there. Or just for no reason at all.

I believe I mentioned this previously but worth telling again, mini buses, taxis, private cars, tuk tuks etc. – will stop suddenly in front of you to pick up / discharge passengers.

Now – on the flip side – I must admit there actually are courteous drivers out there who will slow down to let you enter a road, or make a turn.

Watch out for this one – a driver who gets eye contact with you figures you will slow down, stop to allow him to enter the road, make a turn or let him go first. If he doesn’t make eye contact he will probably try anyway.

Cars with their turn signals on don’t usually mean they are turning.

Another one to watch – drivers will make a left hand turn from the right lane and vice versa and get upset if you don’t allow them to do so.

One caution – there is road rage here. If you cut off someone or don’t allow him to get in front of you, he will spend the next 10 minutes trying to cut you off and/or get in front of you. It doesn’t matter if he really doesn’t gain any headway – he is in FRONT OF YOU which is all that counts.

The worst time to drive is during school drop off / pick up times where “Mom” and “Dad” are taking kids to school. But then again – the worst time to drive is on Thursday afternoons when everyone is rushing home for the weekend.

The only good time to drive is Friday mornings before prayer.

Donkey carts – they move at their own pace – SLOW – and will cut across you – and remember they do NOT have a reverse.

Car washes – there are two good ones in Maadi – the Shell station on the Autostrade just before the first Maadi exit and the Shell station on Nasr Street before the library. But please watch out – do not let them clean the inside with chemicals and do not let them open the hood to clean the engine

Petrol/Gasoline Stations – the Shell stations are usually the best in Cairo. Stay away from Total – have a history of water in their gasoline. And watch all attendants – make sure they stay away from your tires. A pin stuck in a tire is good for a repair job. If you happen to see a tanker dropping off gasoline at a station – stay away – they add the gasoline to the tanks and usually churn up anything in the bottom of the station tanks..

If you have any other “rules” of the road that you have seen or experienced – let me know so can share with everyone.

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