Using Crowds to Find the Missing

Amid Egypt’s mass protests and the government crackdown on communication, a handful of Twitter users have joined forces to track and hopefully find people reported as missing by their families and friends. A Twitter user based in Lebanon and another … read more

Multinationals Keep Egypt Offices Shut, Workers Home

Multinational companies had no immediate plans to reopen Egyptian offices or bring back evacuated employees after President Hosni Mubarak’s attempt to restore stability failed to placate protesters. Companies including Heineken NV, Procter & Gamble Co. and Coca-Cola Co. said they would continue to … read more

Total internet blackout in Egypt

Egypt’s last working internet service provider, the Noor Group, has been disconnected, a US Web monitoring company said, leaving the crisis-torn country completely offline. Renesys, a New Hampshire-based firm that monitors internet routing data in real time, said on Monday that the Noor network “started … read more

Egyptians gather for mass march to oust Mubarak

Crowds gathered in central Cairo on Tuesday for a protest they hoped would swell to a million people demanding an end to the 30-year-rule of President Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak’s newly appointed vice-president, intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, began talks with opposition … read more

State TV: Egypt president announces new government

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak swore in a new Cabinet on Monday, replacing one dissolved as a concession to unprecedented anti-government protests. In the most significant change, the interior minister — who heads internal security forces — was replaced. A retired … read more

Gaza shuts border with Egypt as unrest spirals

Gaza’s Hamas rulers on Sunday closed the Rafah border crossing after guards on the Egyptian side fled their posts amid the spiralling unrest gripping the country. As the angry revolt against President Hosni Mubarak entered its sixth day, Hamas officials … read more