Egypt stock market to reopen on Tuesday -cabinet

Egypt’s stock exchange, closed for a month because of the protests that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, will reopen on Tuesday, the cabinet said in a statement. Continuing unrest has delayed the market’s reopening several times in the last few weeks … read more

Egypt Aims to Alter Voting Rules

Egypt’s military rulers, hoping to set the stage for transparent democratic elections in six months, have unveiled a raft of proposed constitutional changes that include adopting a U.S.-style term limits of two four-year presidential terms. The changes, announced late Saturday, … read more

Egypt to resume talks with Palestinians

The Supreme Council of the Egyptian army, the country’s interim government, plans to hold its first talks with the Palestinian Authority. A Palestinian official said a delegation, headed by Gen. Mohammed Ibrahim, a senior intelligence officer, is scheduled to visit … read more

Constitutional amendments announced

Proposed amendments to the Egyptian Constitution were revealed on Sunday after meeting the approval of Egypt’s Supreme Military Council, which has been charged with ruling the country since Egypt’s former president, Hosni Mubarak, stepped down after thirty years of rule … read more

Egypt army apologises for beating protesters

Egypt’s ruling military council apologised on Saturday after military police beat protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, but activists called for fresh protests to denounce violence by the authorities. A security official and witnesses said that military police surrounded protesters shortly … read more