A foretaste of secularism through the Baha’is?

In March 2009, the Supreme Court in Egypt dismissed an appeal that sought to prevent implementation of a lower court ruling the year before allowing Baha’is to leave blank the religious classification field on official documents, including all-important identity cards … read more

Egypt’s blocs brace for upcoming polls

Egypt’s political parties and groups are gearing up their campaign for a tough battle as the parliamentary elections approach. Egypt will hold the elections of the People’s Assembly (the Lower House of the Parliament) late in November. The ruling National … read more

Bloggers detained … but others write on

(CNN) — Across the world blogging has become a way of spreading your message but for some that message can cost them their freedom. From Iran to Vietnam, bloggers take risks going online to spread news and views authorities have … read more

Activist abducted while collecting signatures for reform

State security forces abducted, activist Abdullah al-Saadawi, from the Imbaba district inCairo while he was collecting signatures during door knocking in support of the chartered seven demands for reform. A police officer from the Imbaba precinct seized Saadawi confiscating the petition with citizens’ signatures. … read more

HRW tells Egypt to stop shooting migrants

Human Rights Watch urged Egypt on Friday to stop shooting foreign migrants who try to cross into Israel, as the African country began chairing the United Nations’ refugee agency. The New York-based rights group said Egyptian border police have killed … read more