Uprising brings tourism to a standstill

Despite one estimate that the country has lost $1 billion in tourism revenue because of the rebellion, some Egyptians whose livelihoods depend on the tourist trade are sympathetic to the protesters’ cause. The tourist camels are idle. The trinket shops … read more

Only the military can tell Mubarak to go

Ultimately, only the military can tell President Hosni Mubarak — one of its own — that it’s time to step down. Egypt’s most powerful and most secretive institution has so far given no hint of whether it will abandon the … read more

Egypt in key talks on crisis

The dramatic events in Egypt and the wider Middle East have inevitably overshadowed the meeting of policy-makers gathered at the annual Security Conference here in Munich. This was the first face-to-face opportunity for key figures like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, … read more

Cairo Braced For ‘Day Of Departure’ Demo

Egypt is braced for more violence this morning on what is being called the “Day of Departure”. Thousands of protesters are expected on the streets of Caril and Alexandria, calling for Egypt’s beleaguered president Hosni Mubarak to stand down immediately. … read more

Experts fret for Egypt’s treasures, ancient sites

Archaeologists voiced deepening concern on Thursday after fresh street battles erupted around Cairo’s Egyptian Museum housing the gold sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun and other priceless relics. Websites and chat-rooms buzzed with anxiety after a break-in last Friday that left a … read more

Cairo protesters face more gunfire

The sound of gunfire continued to be heard across central Cairo this morning, as anti-Mubarak protesters held their ground against pro-government assaults. After a dramatic night of fighting on streets and rooftops around Tahrir Square and the Egyptian museum, violence … read more