Egypt Protests Continue, Death Toll At 6

Anti-government protests continued into third day, as two more people lost their lives in the riots, taking the death toll to 6. Three protesters and one policeman had been killed on Tuesday’s ‘Day of Wrath’. Thousands of protesters, aggrieved by … read more

Unrest in Cairo

A popular uprising in Tunisia recently persuaded the local President-for-Life to explore his retirement options in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi monarchy welcomed former President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali with open arms, but the people were much less enthusiastic.  “Just as they were … read more

Egypt arrests ‘Al-Qaeda cell’

Egypt’s interior minister said on Tuesday that 19 people thought to have links to Al-Qaeda had been arrested in Egypt last month. The group, which included Tunisians and Libyans, “had used Egypt as a transit point from which they would … read more

Nationwide protests jolt Egypt, 3 killed

Tens of thousands of Egyptians took to the streets across the country on Tuesday in the largest waves of protests the Arab nation has seen in decades. Till early Wednesday, violent clashes between police and demonstrators had killed one police … read more

Twitter confirms it is blocked in Egypt

Twitter confirmed on Tuesday the Internet messaging and communications site had been blocked in Egypt, where thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule. “We believe that the open exchange of info & … read more

President’s son, family flee to Britain

President Hosni Mubarak’s son, who is considered as his successor, has fled to Britain along with his family, a US-based Arabic website reported. The plane with Gamal Mubarak, his wife and daughter on board left for London Tuesday from an … read more

German foundation refuses to return Nefertiti bust

A German foundation rejected Monday an Egyptian request to return the 3,400-year-old bust of Queen Nefertiti, a sculpture which draws over one million viewers annually to a Berlin museum. Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) sent the request to the … read more

Government warns activists against Tuesday protest

The Egyptian government warned activists hoping to emulate Tunisian pro-democracy protesters that they face arrest if they go ahead on Tuesday with mass demonstrations some have billed as the “Day of Wrath”. The rallies have been promoted online by groups … read more

Egyptian Opposition Is Divided on Protests

More than a week after street demonstrators helped oust Tunisia’s autocratic leaders, some opposition groups in nearby Egypt are hoping to exploit Tunisia’s momentum to agitate for political and economic reforms. Activists from Egypt’s Kifaya (“Enough”) movement—a coalition of regime … read more