Egyptian Newspaper Admits Doctoring Photo

On Friday, the editor of a newspaper owned by the Egyptian government admitted that a photograph published this week in its pages had been altered to make it seem as if Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, had led, rather than followed, … read more

The voice of Egypt’s middle class

If sales figures and market assessments of the Egyptian book publishing industry are to be believed, then right now is pretty much the worst time for a young Egyptian author to try and break into the market, let alone for … read more

Anger over photo doctored to put Mubarak in front

Opponents of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are outraged that the nation’s largest newspaper published a photograph of him that it apparently altered to make him appear more vigorous. Al Ahram, Egypt’s oldest and largest circulation state-owned daily, published the photo … read more

A New Mubarak Ready to Take Over Egypt?

Rumors that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will have his son Gamal succeed him are looking less like rumors and more like fact, writes Kristen Chick in the Christian Science Monitor. Mubarak is 82 and in failing health, and it’s not … read more

Minister at fault for Van Gogh theft–lawyers

Lawyers for 11 Egyptian culture ministry officials charged with negligence over the theft of a $55 million Van Gogh painting said on Tuesday their clients were scapegoats and the minister should shoulder responsibility. Judge Mohamed Assar set a further hearing … read more

Mid-East peace talks start in Egypt

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have begun a new round of peace talks in Egypt under the close eye of the United States, which wants a deal within a year. There is little confidence among the Israeli or Palestinian public that … read more