Egyptian oil worker kidnapped off Nigeria

Kidnappers abducted an Egyptian oil worker early Friday from a ship off Nigeria’s coast after seizing control of the vessel for several hours before leaving, the military said. The whereabouts of the victim were unclear after the incident aboard a … read more

Activists call for day of protest

In response to Egyptian activists calls for declaring January 25 a day of protest and civil disobedience, a pro-government group is calling on people to label the day the “day of loyalty to president Mubarak.” The group plans to go … read more

Egyptian police thwarts ninth self-immolation attempt

Security sources said one person was arrested while attempting to set himself ablaze in front of the People’s Assembly downtown Thursday. Parliament’s security personnel arrested Saeed Abu Amany before he set himself on fire. He was turned over for prosecution, added … read more

Cairo upgrades battered taxis, cleans up image

Grimy old Fiats and Ladas have long been a defining feature of Cairo’s creaking taxi fleet, clogging the city’s streets and sputtering out fumes. Now the scruffy black-and-white cabs are giving way to metered, air-conditioned cars assembled in Egypt using … read more

Egyptian man dies after setting himself alight

A man has died after setting himself on fire in Egypt’s northern port city of Alexandria. Officials say the 25-year-old unemployed man – Ahmed Hashem el-Sayed, who had suffered third-degree burns – died in hospital. Earlier on Tuesday, another man … read more