Debating birth control in Egypt

With population growth perceived as a threat to the country’s development, could policies to curb birth rates in Egypt make real headway? “I never wanted to have four children. I had planned for only two,” said 39-year-old Shaimaa in a … read more

Egypt to amend widely criticised NGO law

Egypt plans to amend a law that activists say essentially barred non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from carrying out their work in the country. The prime minister’s office said on Wednesday that it would set up a ministerial committee to look into … read more

Egypt Sees ‘Steep Rebound’ in Tourists

The number of tourists to Egypt soared 40 percent in the first nine months of 2018 from a year earlier, recovering from a slump that began with the Arab Spring and continued as unrest persisted, the tourism minister said. “We … read more

A Most Targeted Population: The Copts in Egypt

Bottom Line Up Front On November 4, Egyptian officials announced they had killed 19 militants in the aftermath of an attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt. On November 2, attackers ambushed 3 buses carrying Coptic Christians south of Cairo, killing … read more

Museum wants Rosetta Stone back in Egypt

An Egyptian museum has renewed calls for the Rosetta Stone to be returned after more than 200 years in the British Museum in London. The ancient slab, which is engraved with three languages and unlocked the secret of Egyptian hieroglyphs, … read more