How many light bulbs does it take to change Egypt?

One! And you are looking at it.

All of us are struggling to cope with Egypt’s chronic electricity shortages.  If your house is like mine your lights are out at least an hour of every day – if not more.  The country’s crumbling infrastructure cannot cope with demand.

In years past we became accustomed to black outs as temperatures rose during our hot desert summers.  People cranked up their ACs and the grid just couldn’t cope.  This year however, and worrying for all, is that even in the current cool days of a Cairo spring, the lights still go out regularly and we are all left in the dark.

We can’t fix all of Egypt’s woes but making just a small change in your home could go a long way to helping.

Sitting humbly on shelves in stores everywhere is a product, priced at just 25LE.  It could change our world.  It is a fairly ordinary item that nonetheless cuts to the heart of the urgent problems we face. Energy consumption.  Rising electricity bills. Power cuts.

The product is the compact fluorescent light bulb, a quirky-looking twist of frosted glass. In the energy business, it is called a “CFL,” or an “energy saver.”

Think about this…

If every one of Egypt’s 90 million people bought just one energy saver bulb, took it home, and screwed it in the place of an ordinary 60-watt bulb, the energy saved would be enough to power a city of 1.125 million people.

Just one bulb per person!

ceiling-fan-four-bulbsA typical middle class Egyptian home has between has between 50 and 100 sockets.  Don’t believe me?  Amaze yourself and go count the bulbs and other outlets in your house.  Then imagine what could happen if we all bought and installed two energy saving bulbs.  Then think about five? Fifteen?

That’s the law of large numbers–a small action, multiplied by 90 million makes major change.  If you need more proof – just ask our last two Presidents what they think of the power of one person multiplied by many.

Energy saver bulbs don’t just work, they pay for themselves. They use so little power compared with old reliable bulbs, a 25LE swirl pays for itself in lower electric bills in about five months. Screw one in, turn it on, and it’s not just lighting your living room, it’s dropping Piasters in your pocket.

Compact fluorescents, even in heavy use, last up to 10 years. Install one on your 30th birthday; it may still be around to light up your 40th.

In an era when political leaders are playing politics and are too fainthearted to ask Egyptians to sacrifice anything for the greater good, the modern energy saving swirl bulb requires no sacrifice. Buying and using it helps save the world and saves you money. Selflessness and a social conscience twirled into a single 25LE purchase.

gen 2This won’t be a quick fix for Egypt.  Changing habits takes a long time.  So for the foreseeable future the electricity outages will continue. With this in mind, I have just purchased and installed a small, silent and affordable generator that keeps my laptop running, my TV playing, my lights shining and my fans turning.  I have already changed all of my bulbs but I doubt that will be enough to make the difference – YET.

If you would like details of my back up electricity system and how you can get one too, please get in touch or click this link for more information:

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