Summer is coming: Dave Talks About Your Car’s Air Conditioning

It’s cold these days (supposedly this has been Egypt’s coldest winter in over 100 years) – it’s been rainy, windy and raw. So let’s talk about your air conditioning system.

Why your A/C now?

Because you should turn it one at least once a week even in the winter months to allow the Freon to circulate and allow the units involved to operate.

Speaking of periodic items – Did you also know that you should also use your window washer at least once a week to avoid the jets getting clogged?

But back to today’s subject….  Like the cooling system – the A/C system is under high pressure and will seek out any pin hole or problem area and the Freon will leak out. If you notice warm air coming from your A/C – you have probably lost some or all of the Freon.

The A/C system is made up of the compressor (main unit) plus associated units such as the evaporator, filter and expansion. All of these could potentially become faulty and cause the A/C system not to work.

But don’t panic!….Most of these units are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace in the with the exception of the compressor. In most cases I am able to find a 2nd hand compressor should this fail rather than buy a new one (very expensive).

Other than one or more of the above units failing the other cause is leaks in one of the many hoses in the system. All of these potential failure areas can be easily detected and corrected.

But there is one area which could cause a problem and is difficult to trouble shoot and also very difficult to replace. This is the evaporator unit which is located up inside the dashboard. Should this fail it means removal of partial or total dashboard to replace.

Finally – one unit which is critical is the condenser which is located in front of the radiator and provides the cooling for the entire A/C system. This can be damaged by a rock similar to the radiator.  Call me if you an AC issue

did-you-knowTRIVIA – Did you know every time you change the oil on your car you help feed Egypt? The used motor oil from cars is collected by a donkey cart or small pickup and then delivered to the ovens which bake the baladi bread where it is burned as fuel for these ovens. So not only are you “feeding” Egypt but you are also recycling.  Contact me to arrange an oil change.  You will help your vehicle and others.

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