A cost guide to living in Cairo

Many of us factor in our cost of living before making the decision to move to a city or not.  Here is our quick overview of basic household items to get you started in Cairo.


Food & Drink

Milk EGP 8
Cheese EGP 25
12 Eggs EGP 15
White Bread EGP 10
Spaghetti EGP 15
Coca Cola EGP 4.5
Still Mineral Water EGP 5
Potatoes EGP 6
Tomatoes EGP 5
Bananas EGP 10
Beef Fillet EGP 125
Whole Chicken EGP 35
Fresh White Fish EGP 60
Table Salt EGP 5
Can of Beer EGP 12
Local Wine EGP 70
Imported Wine EGP 160
Foreign Brand Cigarettes EGP 24

Household Items & Toiletries

Laundry Detergent EGP 75
Dishwashing Liquid EGP 25
Soap EGP 10
Toothpaste EGP 15
Shampoo EGP 22
Aspirin EGP 22
Floor Cleaner EGP 15
6 Toilet Paper EGP 20


Telephone Line EGP 26
Gas & Electricity EGP 1000
Internet Access EGP 220
Bowab (Doorman) EGP 200


Three Course Dinner in a Restaurant EGP 180
Fast Food Meal EGP 30
Coffee in a Cafe or Bar EGP 25
Beer in Bar EGP 15 to 50


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