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Egypt says ‘Jewish state’ concerning

Egypt has expressed concern over Israel’s insistence on being recognized as a “Jewish state,” saying this would endanger the fate of Israel’s Arab minority. “Israel wants to call itself a Jewish or Hebrew state. This is worrying,” Egyptian Foreign Minister … read more

Egyptian officials to be tried in Van Gogh theft

Eleven culture officials from Egypt’s government have been formally charged in last month’s theft of a Vincent van Gogh painting from a Cairo museum that had no functioning security alarms. The public prosecutor says he has referred the eleven Culture … read more

Ramadan demand prompts rise in food prices

Sharply rising meat prices in the Arab world have hit celebrations for the holy month of Ramadan, during which tradition dictates that families host large meals, and prompted concerns over food price inflation across the region. EDITOR’S CHOICE In depth: … read more

Egypt’s political battle lines drawn on the web

A web page casting doubt on the religious credentials of the family of Egyptian presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei has become the latest focus of an online battle for votes. The creators of a Facebook page carrying images of ElBaradei’s daughter … read more

Egypt journo faces trial for ‘insult’

A prominent opposition journalist is to go on trial for allegedly libelling Egypt’s foreign minister in a newspaper, a judicial source said on Sunday. Hamdi Qandeel could face prison or a fine if found guilty of the charge of “insulting … read more

US to increase education aid to Egypt

US Ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey said she hopes negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis will continue until a peaceful solution is reached, emphasizing the need to create two states that can live side by side in harmony. Speaking at … read more

Fight against frivolous fatwas

During a recent trip to South Africa, I was approached by a native South African who had recently converted to Islam. During our conversation, he let on his surprise at the distinction and sometimes absurdity in his opinion of some … read more

ElBaradei lashes at ‘smear campaign’

Mohamed ElBaradei has accused the Egyptian government of waging a smear campaign against his family by publishing photos of his daughter in a swimsuit. “Such a campaign is the usual and only response of the regime towards whoever demands democracy, … read more