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Group promotes Egypt’s spy chief for president

A group of activists have hung up posters around Egypt’s capital supporting the country’s intelligence chief as a possible candidate in next year’s presidential elections. Launched Thursday, the campaign for Omar Suleiman is the latest stab against a possible father-son … read more

TV show stirs debate over Muslim Brotherhood

The bearded young cleric yells at a young woman for lifting her traditional veil from her face while speaking to him on the street, and rants against Egyptians who adopt Western lifestyles and values. His followers beat up an opponent. … read more

Cairo planning to fine-tune the call to prayer

The government decrees that the now-‘chaotic’ call by thousands of men must instead be delivered by one muezzin broadcast over a system linking 4,500 mosques. ‘It’ll never work,’ one veteran prayer caller says. Sandals in alleys, keys scraping locks, the … read more

Egypt summons Iranian diplomat over criticism

The Egyptian government Wednesday summoned an Iranian diplomat to protest against the statements attributed to Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in which he criticized some Arab leaders for their participation in launching direct negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel. Egypt’s … read more

New Middle East Peace Talks Get Under Way

The first direct peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians in nearly two years are getting under way in Washington. Barack Obama inaugurated the new peace process saying “too much blood” had already been spilled in the Middle East The US … read more

Egypt to close websites in copyright crackdown

Egypt’s Ministry of Culture moved Tuesday to shut websites believed to be violating intellectual property rights and depriving artists of profits. Under the latest directive, censorship authorities will monitor websites for copyright violations and report them to the Ministry of … read more

Egypt ‘has something for all’

Prospective expatriates looking to relocate abroad to Egypt will find that they get more for their money in terms of accommodation and entertainment, the country’s tourism board has stated. Khaled Ramy, UK and Ireland director of the Egyptian State Tourism … read more