Black Bloc anarchists emerge

The Black Bloc, a new Egyptian anarchist group, made its first appearance last week, on the eve of the second anniversary of the 25 January 2011 revolution. With a declared aim of fighting the Muslim Brotherhood, it has drawn a … read more

Profile: Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for almost 30 years until he was swept from power in a wave of mass protests in February 2011. Few expected that the little-known vice-president who was elevated to the presidency in the wake of Anwar … read more

Egypt’s sweltering summer ahead

It will be tricky in Egypt this summer – but one wonders if the government realizes that, let alone will do what it is needed to get the country through it without problems. Increased financial demands in a country that … read more

Abortion in Egypt: Whose choice?

There are few options for women in Egypt who choose to undergo an abortion. Financial constraints, social stigmas, the issue of morality and “unavailable” over-the-counter medication have forced a vast number of women into backstreet abortions. Although legal, religious and … read more