Egypt: a time for street wisdom

There is nothing in the revolutionary rule book to say that, two years after toppling a dictator, a country is entitled to enjoy peace. If post-soviet Russia or post-apartheid South Africa have taught the world anything, it is that democratic … read more


A cloud of gloom, frustration and anxiety has prevailed over Egypt for most of the last two years. Today an anxious sense of anticipation also prevails as a grass roots youth movement has galvanized the public opposition to the president … read more

Egypt since Morsi came to power

Key developments in Egypt since Islamist President Mohamed Morsi took the oath one year ago. — 2012 — JUNE – 30: Morsi, elected president with 51.7 percent of the vote, sworn in, becoming Egypt’s first civilian and Islamist ruler. AUGUST … read more

Egypt voices: Morsi one year on

Morsi doesn’t need a second chance. Why would we give him a chance when he himself said: “Once the people ask me to leave, I will do so immediately?” Why didn’t he keep his word? Is he just saying things … read more

Egypt’s Fateful Day

Egypt is imploding. The old revolutionary groups are at each other’s throats. The unity of purpose displayed during the incredible eighteen revolutionary days in early 2011 is not only long gone, but it has been replaced with mistrust, acrimony, and … read more