Food inflation feeds social unease

In Egypt, if a passer-by spots a piece of bread in the street, the morsel is usually not ignored but picked up and placed reverently on a ledge away from passing feet. Bread is ’aish – life itself. So Russia’s … read more

Egyptian security seizes arms caches in Sinai

Egyptian security forces seized four arms caches in Sinai containing anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank mines which they suspected were going to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip, a security source said on Sunday. Smugglers operate from the Sinai Peninsula which … read more

Egypt seizes weapons ‘bound for Gaza’

Egyptian police in the Sinai Peninsula have seized 190 rockets from which the explosives were to have been removed for smuggling into the Gaza Strip, a security official said on Saturday. The rockets, as well as landmines and 1,500 rounds … read more

Opposition participate in protests against rising prices

Egyptian opposition parties and political movements staged protest marches on Wednesday in  Cairo ‘s poorest area the Matareya district demonstrating their anger over escalating bread prices, continued power cuts and shortages of drinking water. Kefaya representative Abdel Rahman Auf indicated that he hoped … read more