Anger over photo doctored to put Mubarak in front

Opponents of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are outraged that the nation’s largest newspaper published a photograph of him that it apparently altered to make him appear more vigorous. Al Ahram, Egypt’s oldest and largest circulation state-owned daily, published the photo … read more

A New Mubarak Ready to Take Over Egypt?

Rumors that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will have his son Gamal succeed him are looking less like rumors and more like fact, writes Kristen Chick in the Christian Science Monitor. Mubarak is 82 and in failing health, and it’s not … read more

Minister at fault for Van Gogh theft–lawyers

Lawyers for 11 Egyptian culture ministry officials charged with negligence over the theft of a $55 million Van Gogh painting said on Tuesday their clients were scapegoats and the minister should shoulder responsibility. Judge Mohamed Assar set a further hearing … read more

Mid-East peace talks start in Egypt

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have begun a new round of peace talks in Egypt under the close eye of the United States, which wants a deal within a year. There is little confidence among the Israeli or Palestinian public that … read more

U.S. presses Cairo on political reforms

Cairo is habitually engaged in violent intimidation of political activists and members of the press, a U.S. resolution under consideration states. Washington reacted harshly to an Egyptian decision this year to extend certain provisions of an emergency law enacted in … read more

Nile water continues to create tension

Reports of Ethiopia developing infrastructure along the Nile River have led to Egypt again showing an iron fist in the face of potential loss of water from the world’s longest river. However, an Ethiopian government official has told Bikya Masr … read more

Egypt sentences Bedouins to life imprisonment

An Egyptian court sentenced seven Bedouins for life imprisonment on Monday, in a case some tribesmen said would refuel long-running tension in the Sinai Peninsula. Bedouins, among nomadic Arab tribes in the Sinai, often complain of neglect by the Cairo … read more

Clinton in Egypt for Mideast peace talks

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Egypt on Tuesday urging Israel and the Palestinians to find ways to clear the “hurdle” posed by a looming expiration of a freeze on Jewish settlements. The settlements issue could stall the … read more