Dave The Mechanic talks about tyres

Servicing Cairo cars for a living, I have taken care of everything from massive Toyota Land Cruisers to the little Fiat 127, (yes I do have a expat lady who drives around her little 127 – never leaves Maadi though – but she never has any problem parking)

All of the cars have many things in common and have issues which you should be aware of that concern both the safety of your car and the general maintenance.

In this series, we will start off with your tyres

Tyres – make sure your tyres are properly inflated.  Usually on the driver’s door jamb is a list of tire sizes and recommended psi for the tyre (have also seen on the gasoline flap). If in doubt contact me – do NOT trust your gas station attendant to know the proper inflation.

A properly inflated tyre provides a safe drive, a more comfortable drive AND saves gas.

If you are a desert trekker – and you deflate the tyre to provide more traction in the desert – please remember to re inflate them before driving on pavement. You can purchase a tyre inflator at Carrafour which plugs into your cigarette lighter. Good to have one of these in your car anyway.

More on tires – you should have on all four wheels the same size and same BRAND tyre –different size tyres or brands rotate slightly differently and can damage your differential and axles. You can mix front and back – but each axle (front / rear) must have the same size/brand. If you have different sizes on front and back you can possibly damage your drive shaft and/or your differentials.

Again on tyres – watch the wear on them – not only the tread but the sidewalls as well.

Run your hand over the tyre tread – it should feel even – make sure there are no high spots or uneven wear.

Replace your tyres when you see the tread is worn or if you feel the car not gripping properly. Squealing when going around corners means possible tyre replacement. And only put only good tyres – I recommend Bridgestone since I feel these are the best on the market at present. They are expensive but worth the extra money to be safe.

Finally – make sure your spare tyre is not flat – and is in good shape.

And do you know where your tools are for changing your tire?

Most jacks that come with the car are not really that “user friendly” – suggest you might want to invest in one of those small hydraulic jacks from a service station (or also at Carrafour)

If you have any “stories” regarding your tyres please share so I can let others know share your experiences and knowledge.

I can be reached on 01001456439 and/or horsetorg@yahoo.com if you need any assistance.

Dave The Mechanic

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