Egypt army gives Brotherhood 48 hours to join roadmap-official

SisiEgypt’s army gave the MuslimBrotherhood until Saturday afternoon to sign up to politicalreconciliation, a military official said on Thursday, after thearmy issued a veiled threat to use tougher tactics against thegroup.

“We will not initiate any move, but will definitely reactharshly against any calls for violence or black terrorism fromBrotherhood leaders or their supporters. We pledge to protectpeaceful protesters regardless of their affiliation,” theofficial said, saying they had 48-hours to comply. The army deposed President Mohamed Mursi, a Brotherhoodpolitician, on July 3 and installed an interim administrationthat has set out a roadmap for a new political transitionleading to parliamentary elections in about six months. Earlier, the army signalled it would change its strategy fordealing with “violence and terrorism” after protests it hascalled on Friday. In a statement posted on a Facebook pageaffiliated to the army command, the military said it was readyto turn its guns on anyone involved in either.


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