Setting Up Your Home

Happy couple in their new home having fun - moving concept

Expat Cairo can take the stress our of your move.

Employing foreign professionals can bring great gains to a company, but often for a new expat landing in a new location, it can present some practical challenges.

At a time when you are learning a new job, meeting new people and settling children, finding the things that will make your new house feel like home can be difficult or daunting.

But not any more.  Expat Cairo are here to help.  Our team of expatriate experts can take the stress out of shopping and do it all for you.

beddingWe offer bronze, silver and gold packages that will equip your kitchen, set up your bathroom and make sure you sleep well and in comfort on fresh new Egyptian cotton.

Contact us for more information and pricing on our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom packs.

We do the hard work so you don’t have to.  And better still, we will deliver it all to your door.


Help keep Expat Cairo independent. If you value our services any contribution towards our costs would be greatly appreciated.

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