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ignitionI am not sure if you are aware of this but General Motors just announced a huge recall for many of their makes and models – all due to faulty ignitions.  I bring this to your attention to make sure that if you own one of the vehicles in question you check with the local GM dealer here to have the problem rectified.

Which brings up something that we should all know about our vehicles.  Is it on a recall list?

It is a simple matter to check on recalls for your car. Simply “Google” the year, make and model of your car – and add the word “recall” or “recall notices”. It should come back with one or more links which indicate if there are any outstanding recall notices on your particular vehicle.  Here is an example:  2010 Toyota Highlander – Recall Notices  .

A second issue which should help you in determining any outstanding issues with your car is using the same Google system go online and search the year, make, model and the word “problems”.

This will probably come up with multiple links, both official and many personal of people who have had problems with your particular car. Again – another example:  2010 Toyota Highlander – Problems

car-problemsNow on the problems – there will probably be many issues associated with your particular make and model which will not directly affect your vehicle but it does give you a good idea of some issues which others have faced who own your particular car.

And finally – back to Google once again.  This time just input the year, make and model of your car – and it should come up with consumer reports on your car, description of your car and other information pertaining to just your car.

And one more item – many of the vehicles out there don’t have owner’s manuals. These do come in handy when, for example, you want to know the location of your fuse box, which fuse is for what, and other issues pertaining to your vehicle.

Once again – go into Google – input your year, make and model and then owner’s manual. It should come back with various links that will allow you to download your car’s owner’s manual free of charge.

Speaking of the “miracle” of Google….

My son was in the market for a 2nd car. We both went onto the search engine and input “used cars (in the city/state where you live) and it will come back with loads of links for used cars in your area. Then go into a particular link – put in items such as max. price, max mileage, sedan or SUV or convertible, etc. and will then list all vehicles that match your criteria along with actual price, mileage and the dealer in your area who has the car. This may be handy for people who are moving back home and will be in the market for a car.

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