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Five myths about U.S. aid to Egypt

August 14 marks the fifth anniversary of the massacre at Cairo’s Rabaa and Nahda Squares, in which Egyptian security forces killed at least 800 supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Mursi and injured thousands more. The Obama administration responded by … read more

Egypt security forces thwart church bombing

Egyptian security forces have thwarted a suicide bomb attack on a church just outside of Cairo, state television said on Saturday. A militant wearing a suicide vest was prevented from approaching a church in Qalyubiyah, a governorate north of Cairo, … read more

Egyptian students design car that runs on air

A group of Egyptian students has designed a vehicle they say will battle rising energy prices and promote clean energy by running on nothing but air. The undergraduate students, who built the vehicle as part of their graduation project from … read more

Egypt foreign debt up by over 10%

The Egyptian central bank on Monday said its foreign debt has climbed more than 10% in less than a year, reaching $88.2bn in March. This is despite a raft of painful austerity measures aimed at cutting government spending. Egypt’s foreign … read more

Trump Blinks, and Egypt’s Sisi Wins

By giving in on aid, Washington just lost its leverage in Cairo. Once again, Washington has backed down in a standoff with Cairo over military aid. On July 25, U.S. and Egyptian officials revealed that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo … read more

Egypt to ban raw material exportation

In order to boost the value chain in Egypt, the Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to ban the exportation of raw material that occupies the top position of Egypt’s exports list so that they enter multiple manufacturing processes. Examples … read more