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Warm weather expected for Thursday, Cairo: 33C

Meteorologists expect warm weather on Egypt’s northeastern coasts on Thursday, while hotter weather is expected across the country’s remaining parts. Cold weather will dominate the country overnight. Mist will affect visibility during morning hours on the country’s northern coast. Low … read more

Germans main tourist group to Hurghada in February

The Red Sea Chamber of Tourist Companies revealed on Wednesday that tourist arrivals to Hurghada reached 174,000 from 27 different countries in February. According to the Chamber’s statistics, the number of tourist arrivals increased by 20,000 compared to January. German guests … read more

Health Ministry closes Al Salam hospital

The Health Ministry announced the closure of al-Salam International Hospital in Maadi, Cairo, for a month, after the hospital forced an emergency patient to write a cheque of LE 500,000, violating law which obliges hospitals provide free treatment in the … read more

Alexandria police arrest 9 men for homosexuality

The Dekheila Prosecution in Alexandria arrested 9 men on Monday, who were believed to be engaging in “debauchery” and homosexual activity, after the Head of the Alexandria Security Directorate, Mustafa al-Nimr, deemed their behavior a threat to public security. Police at … read more