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Egypt’s Energy Vampires

Cairo’s power cuts continue with no end in sight.  Recently I wrote about cutting electricity consumption by changing a few bulbs – you can read that here – but this got me thinking of what else is draining Egypt’s ailing … read more

Power cuts are back!

Living in Egypt, we are all accustomed to the incessant electricity outages in the hot summer months.  As temperatures rise, people crank up their air conditioning.  Electricity consumption soars.  Egypt’s aging infrastructure can’t keep up. In summer, official estimates put … read more

Cairo’s unspoken rules of the roads

This section is more “humor” in sharing various “unspoken rules” out there on the road. Newer model Mercedes have the right of way – not matter where or when. Newer model BMWs follow close. Large newer 4×4’s (Land Cruisers, Land … read more