Are Copts fleeing Egypt?

 “The emigration of Egypt’s Copts is neither wrong nor dangerous; emigration is a human right. Forcible migration, however, is dangerous,” Kamal Zakher, a researcher in Coptic affairs, said at a Sunday discussion on Coptic emigration. The Egyptian Center for Public … read more

Egypt: Stop Mutilating Little Girls!

It was supposed to be a routine “operation.” The parents of 13-year-old Soheir al-Batea, from a village in Egypt’s Nile Delta, took her to be circumcised at the local clinic that had been recommended by friends.  They had done the … read more

Darkness looms?

As summer nears, Egyptians are bracing themselves for the worst. Recurrent shortages of natural gas have hampered the country’s capacity to generate electricity which in turn has resulted in power cuts across the board. Many Egyptians have experienced the bitter … read more