‘Bomb in the bedroom?’

“If a man discovers that his wife belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, he should divorce her,” said preacher Mazhar Shahin in the show he presents in one of the private Egyptian satellite channels. “It is like having a bomb sleep … read more

2013 Winner and Losers

By Mahmoud Salem With the year winding down, it’s time to count this year’s winners and losers.   Winners: 1) The Nour Party: Hands down 2013’s biggest winner is the Salafi Nour Party. It played its hand perfectly after 30 … read more

Egypt Under Attack From Within And Without

Liberal activists and academics are bent on worsening their nation’s woes. They claim to be guardians of the January 2011 revolution’s principles that had atop its list “freedom.” Yet, either from tunnel vision, paranoia, and arrogance or for more sinister … read more