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Islamists in Egypt face popular backlash

It is no longer cool to have a beard. Islamist president Mohamed Morsi is out. His opponents, a military-backed interim government of secularists, are in. And if you’ve got a beard — that most conspicuous symbol of Islamism in post-Arab … read more

Tourists leave Egypt as protests rage

By Giza’s Great Pyramids, souvenir vendors wait restlessly in the shade, watching for the handful of tourists who still make their way down the empty street to the once-bustling landmark. The 2011 revolution that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak dealt a … read more

Morsi vs the military: What’s next for Egypt?

With every day that passes, the stalemate between supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi and the military-backed interim government grows more intense. What’s clear is that the sit-ins staged by the pro-Morsi camp – organised predominately by the Muslim Brotherhood … read more