Give Morsy a chance to fix this

Egyptians were the pride of the modern world when they overthrew their dictator in January, 2011. They proved to us that the cry for freedom and liberty was universal. That Arabs and Muslims were no different from others. Hopes were … read more

So, what’s next? Mahmoud Salem

So, 30 June arrived, and as anticipated, it was spectacular. What could only be described as an endless sea of people swarmed Egypt’s streets, showcasing a flood of flags and red cards to “President” Mohamed Morsi and his beloved Muslim … read more

Egypt to Implode?

The Egypt experiment is falling apart. The massive protests today, marking the first year of Islamist Mohamed Morsi’s rule, are pushing the country of more than 80 million to a crisis point with implications for the entire region. It has … read more

Just in case: A Crisis Check List

The face off between President Morsi and The Military continues. If you weren’t ‘lucky’ enough to be here during the Arab Spring uprising; Don’t Panic! We have compiled a quick list of essentials that should keep you fed and occupied … read more

Get ready for Egypt’s ‘second revolution’

Artists tend to occupy the front lines against repression. So it comes as no surprise that the occupation of Egypt’s Ministry of Culture protesting the “Brotherhoodization” of the ministry under the leadership of Alaa Abdel-Aziz has helped drive the planned … read more

Egypt at a crossroads

Egypt finds itself at a crossroads one year after Muhammad Mursi became the country’s first democratically elected president. Massive protests are taking place across the country calling for Mursi’s exit. During Mursi’s one-year rule, Egypt’s political and economic stability has … read more