From an Egyptian in Alexandria

“In a Nutshell… A lot of my dear American friends sill ask me what on earth really happened in egypt, for their benefit, and anyone else on earth genuinely trying to make heads or tails of us “crazy Egyptians” ; … read more

Egypt’s Three Revolutions

If you’re looking for any silver lining in what is happening in Egypt today, I suggest you go up 30,000 feet and look down. From that distance, the events in Egypt over the past two-and-a-half years almost make sense. Egypt … read more

How Morsy Could Have Saved Himself

Shortly after Mohamed Morsy’s ouster as president of Egypt, his ambassador to the United States — in a remarkable display of political flexibility — appeared on American television to explain that his boss had been overthrown because he “failed to … read more

Egypt, where any woman will do

Randa, a 22-year-old from Cairo, has been dressing as a teenage boy throughout most of her country’s so far disastrous two-year “transition” to democracy. The medical student thinks it is the only way to avoid sexual assault on the streets … read more