Opinion: Egypt’s political void

There are at least three things to consider when looking at the current crisis unfolding in Egypt. Contrary to the navel-gazing some political analysts and activists are still finding time to indulge in, the thing most Egyptians worry about now … read more

Egypt’s two worlds

On the night of 3rd July, Mohamed Morsi’s guards stepped aside and allowed army commandos to seize the Egyptian president. Over a month later, the country remains caught between two alternate realities—one, the world according to supporters of General Abdel … read more

Tourists leave Egypt as protests rage

By Giza’s Great Pyramids, souvenir vendors wait restlessly in the shade, watching for the handful of tourists who still make their way down the empty street to the once-bustling landmark. The 2011 revolution that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak dealt a … read more